Skype for Business – iOS Update Features

In a few recent updates to the Skype for Business iOS app there a few new features:

Version 6.8

This update provided us with 2 new features:sfbios-6-8-1

  1. Support for iOS 10 which was released Sept 13, 2016 which was only a week later from the last Skype for Business iOS update 6.7.
  2. A new client side feature called: Voice Settings, allowing you more flexibility with how you use VoIP and cellular line during meetings and calls
    1. To access the new Voice Settings -> Tap your status in the upper left hand corner
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Under settings you see a new option called Voice Settings, tap Voice settings to configure your options
      1. Select the appropriate option that will work for your specific needs
      2. Tap the arrow in the upper left to save all these settings
    4. Now when you join meetings it will utilized the appropriate network path


Version 6.7

This update provided the iOS devices with support for a new feature that became available in the Skype for Business Server June 2016 Cumulative Update KB3061064  called Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) which as per Technet Article states “Video-based Screen Sharing, or VbSS, grew out of Lync screen-sharing. The difference between VbSS and traditional screen-sharing has to do with the underlying protocols used, and what they excel at. Screen-sharing uses the remote desktop protocol (RDP), which is great at creating thousands of 1-to-1 sessions between people’s computers. Newer technology, VbSS, will make use of User Datagram Protocol (UDP).”




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