Teams Version

  Teams Version: Checking the Version   Your version number is displayed in the top bar: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 1/27/18.   So before I show what’s new in the current version here is a screenshot of what the previous version looks like. Now let’s see how […]

Surface Hub Update

The Surface Hub has just received an Anniversary update, this has been an anticipated major release the details of the release are in the link below. Windows 10 Team Anniversary Update 1607   The key features for Skype for Business included in this update are: Performance improvements when joining meetings, including issues when joining a meeting […]

Skype for Business – iOS Update Features

In a few recent updates to the Skype for Business iOS app there a few new features: Version 6.8 This update provided us with 2 new features: Support for iOS 10 which was released Sept 13, 2016 which was only a week later from the last Skype for Business iOS update 6.7. A new client […]