How to enable Microsoft Teams attendance list

Microsoft Teams has enabled a new feature for downloading and viewing the attendees that have joined your meeting. This option is not enabled by default to allow the organizer to download the attendance list.

The option to enable this feature is not yet available in the Teams Admin Center meetings policies, so we will have to enable it using powershell fellow Microsoft MVP Michael LaMontagne pointed me in the right direction. You will need to use the Skype for Business Online Powershell module, once you are logged in run this cmdlet:

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity <YourPolicyName> -AllowEngagementReport Enabled

Here is how it would look for the Global policy.

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -AllowEngagementReport Enabled

(NOTE: I tried using $True, however it provided an error message, using Enabled worked)

You can create multiple policies and assign those to users in the event you wish to enable or disable this feature or other features.

Once the policy has replicated into my client I now have the Attendance report available for download.

4 thoughts on “How to enable Microsoft Teams attendance list

  1. Hi!

    Love this feature! Can this be exported for previous meetings? And can this be managed in a centralised place rather than only the organiser being able to do this, giving admin the right to do it for them.

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