Enabling Exchange Pictures with the correct ManagementRole


Exchange Server 2013

Skype for Business Server 2015


Enabling the picture feature in Skype for Business so that users can upload their own pictures into Exchange Outlook Web App, however the browse button was not available



First we validated that the appropriate settings were enabled in exchange with the below cmdlets:

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Select-Object Server,Name,SetPhotoEnabled

Get-OWAMailboxPolicy | Select-Object Name,SetPhotoEnabled

Get-CASMailbox -Identity Username | Select-Object Name,OWAMailboxPolicy

After a bit of digging I found that there was a custom ManagementRoleEntry assigned to the User Roles -> Default Role Assignment Policy. So I ran the cmdlet to see what the default parameters that are assigned to the Set-UserPhoto cmdlet with this cmdlet:

Get-ManagementRoleEntry “MyBaseOptions\Set-UserPhoto” | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Parameters

Which returned the parameters below:

I then ran the cmdlet against the custom rule and it returned an empty list of parameters.

Get-ManagementRoleEntry “MyBaseOptions_CustomRule\Set-UserPhoto” | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Parameters

So finally to fix the issue I needed to set the custom rule parameters to those of the default rule by running the below cmdlet:

$Params = Get-ManagementRoleEntry  “MyBaseOptions_CustomeRule\Set-UserPhoto”
Add-ManagementRoleEntry MyBaseOptions_CustomRule\Set-UserPhoto  -Parameters Cancel,Confirm,Debug,DomainController,ErrorAction,ErrorVariable,Identity,IgnoreDefaultScope,OutBuffer,OutVariable,PictureData,PictureStream,Preview,Save,Verbose,WarningAction,WarningVariable,WhatIf

Once the cmdlet completed and we waited around 15 minutes for replication in the Exchange environment to occur I checked the picture in OWA and the browse button became available.


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