Transfer Skype For Business Call from iOS app to yourself


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You have answered a phone call on the Skype for Business app on your iOS device in this case an iPhone, you’ve walked back to your desk whether in office or at home and you want to now move the call back to your  desktop pc w/ headset or a Skype for Business deskphone.


While you are on your Skype for Business call on your iPhone, select the “… More” . Then from the pop up menu list select Transfer call

transfer-skype-for-business-moreThe Transfer search window will then appear listing your contacts and a search fieldtransfer-skype-for-business-search

Search for yourself in this case Habib.Mankal, as you can see you are able to search for yourselftransfer-skype-for-business-you

Select your name and then the call will show Transferring on your iPhone app.transfer-skype-for-business-xfer

Now lets turn our attention to the Desktop Skype for Business App, the application will begin ringing saying that You are calling.transfer-skype-for-business-youcalling

Click to answer the call, you will see at the very top that the call was transferred by You and the caller will hear a brief music on hold (if it’s setup) , however now you are talking via your desktop PC 🙂 .transfer-skype-for-business-xfercomplete

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