Skype for Business Recording Manager – Status Pending


After a Skype for Business meeting that was being recorded, the status of the recording in Skype for Business Recording Manager was in a pending state for over an hour and would not create the recorded file to share.


I logged back into the meeting and verified that the recording was stopped which it was. I then noticed that my Surface was running off of battery, which I know that the rendering of the recording requires a lot of CPU power. 

I plugged into my Surface into a power source and instantly the status changed from pending to creating and then ultimately completed successfully.

128 thoughts on “Skype for Business Recording Manager – Status Pending

  1. Thank you so much – that fixed my issue. I would have never thought to plug in my laptop to resolve this type of problem.

  2. How did you even figure this out? 🙂 This sorted out what worried me most of the times! Thanks!

  3. Thanks, this was the first result in my google search and helped me! This was exactly my problem

  4. Same issue here.. lame…but glad my recording is finally downloading. Skype for Business should have an admin portal where it can manage recordings online.. seems lacking compared to WebEx. So if i skype from different computers.. there is no central storage for recordings. Frustrating..

    1. Hi Amy, you will be able to do this in Microsoft Teams as they are enabling the ability to perform cloud based recording. You will have to verify what license level you have , and work with your MS account rep to ensure you have the appropriate licensing.

  5. Well this is why I Google stuff and then find answers like yours. Awesome. Saved my bacon on a significant project and limited time with a SME. Legend.

  6. Fantastic find! I always panic when a recording stays stuck on Pending and never understood why sometimes it would work and other times it would not.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thumbs up. This was my problem. A remark. On a windows 10 pc you need to restart windows. Not close. And then your trick did it !

  8. Thank you so much! This saved me… recorded something for 20 minutes and I thought all was lost! Fixed immediately once I plugged it up.

  9. Genius! I hope you have a high paying job because this makes no sense and I would have never figured it out! I am using windows 10 plugged in adapter and went to recording manager and it started Creating. no restart needed. I also learned how to recover files with an error which occurred when I updated the recording file location.

  10. great troubleshooting, logic i missed – how the charging pushing to initiate the recording save progreess?, My battery will come 2more hours. but after plugin – it got initiated to save.

  11. This is sucking issue of recorder, no information that why it is pending in the recording manager. Your page helped me, thank you so much.

  12. After my pure panic subsided I was able to find your post.
    After plugging my laptop in it immediately began creating.
    THAAAANNNNKKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thanks!! I had this issue and it inmidiately began to save the recording once I plugged in the power source to the laptop.

  14. Thank you, helped me too. wouldn’t have thought plugging in charger will resolve it. thank fully i didn’t delete before checking here.

  15. Thanks – would never have thought of this – and it’s worked – saved my bacon seeing as I had recorded some application walkthroughs to make some updates for a customer, and was super concerned I’d lost them. Thank again.

  16. brilliant troubleshooting, i had been wondering if i did something wrong, this recording was particularly very important for me. again, i thot perhaps it’s slow due to internet. if i logged out, and put my PC to hibernate might lose it all but thanks to you, I could get it done.

    But it’s kinda weird that skype doesn’t show up any tool tip or probably it would resume whenever the power source is on. but there’s also a possibility that it could break the connection – after all the reference is stored in a temp folder.

  17. Everyone is replying that it worked, And yes it worked. 😀 This was first query which solved in first google search 😛 😀 Just thought to comment here for saying you thank you. 🙂 I was in shock for few moments thinking important recording gone in vain. But you saved us. Was searching any option there in recording manager to resume the processing of recording :P. It might be the case that once recording is proccessing it should not be interrupted by low battery shut down. Just a guess.

  18. Another thank you! I just panicked that a two-hour recording was lost forever…!!

    All it needed was power to my laptop!

  19. Thank you, the solution worked and helped me in completing 3 records which were in pending state.

  20. Thank you.
    This worked, this is one of the exceptional solution… I never guessed it would be absence of direct power supply prevents creation of the recorded file.

  21. After meeting over we face the same issue, After try lot, I search the problem on Google. I got first page and after reading two minutes this article. I connect the power charger issue resolve.
    Thank you very much!

  22. Thanks, very helpful. Amazing that it doesn’t say “Pending Connection to Power Source”, instead leaving you oblivious to what it’s actually waiting on.

  23. thanks a lot,it helped me when i restarted my pc and plugged in at the same time . thank you so much that you posted it.

  24. I had a late evening Skype call and recorded it and after that I turned off my PC and then was on holiday for a week! When I was back I couldn’t find my recording? How can I retrieve it? It still shows Pending in the recording manager.

  25. Thanks a lot. This works – Brilliant closure, to-the-point.
    Never thought will be such a simple solution – Was a critical meeting hence was worried it might have failed. 🙂

  26. Thanks a bunch for the tip! really helpful!!!

    But i can’t relate the logic here. Why the power does really need to initiate the view creating process.
    “I understood one point that the power should go down after the creating process”
    But my battery power will stand for another 3 hrs. I just can’t see any other logic behind this.

    Can someone help me to understand the logic?

    1. No worries, processing the video is very resource intensive. I believe the goal is to ensure that computer doesn’t run out of power while generating the video file, that could potentially corrupt the recording.

  27. Hello, Did so much of hardwork and gave so much of my worries to this task and found out that the solution was just to plug in the charger.. lolzz.. life is so unpredictable. hahha.. but a nice solution and it worked too.. thank you 🙂

  28. Wow. Thank you for providing a fix for this. I also encountered this issue before and I don’t know how to amend it. So I tried another tool which is Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro to record Skype video call with its audio. For this one, I will definitely try it in case I’ll encounter it again. I appreciate it.

  29. Wow! This did it for me. I was facing this issue on my Galaxys22. Plugging it into power resolved the issue. Can view my recordings now.

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