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Surface Hub Skype for Business Version:


I want to reset the Surface Hub back to factory default ie. out of the box first run.


There are 2 scenarios in which I will be able to factory reset:

If you know the administrator username and password to the Surface Hub:

Microsoft has already documented the steps written here.

If you DO NOT know the administrator username and password to the Surface Hub: ***Apologies for the bad pictures, apparently i should take lessons 🙂 ***

    1. If you are looking at the Surface from the Front you will need to reach your hand up to the left of the power cable to perform these actions by using the Hard Power Switch to get into the recover console.hubreset-powerfronthubreset-powerback
    2. Turn the Power off using the hard power switch
    3. Turn the Power On using the hard power switch
    4. Let the Surface Hub Boot to Welcome screen (this flashes on the screen very quickly)hubreset-bootup hubreset-welcome
    5. Turn the Power off
    6. Turn the Power On
    7. Let the Surface Hub Boot to Welcome screenhubreset-bootuphubreset-welcome
    8. Turn the Power off
    9. Turn the Power On
    10. Let the Surface Hub Boot to Welcome screenhubreset-bootuphubreset-welcome
    11. The Recovery console will load
      1. Select -See Advanced repair options
      2. Select – Reset to Fully clean the drivehubreset-recoverypage1 hubreset-recoverypage2Important Note
        Performing a device reset may take up to 6 hours. Do not interrupt the reset process. Interrupting the process will render the device inoperable, requiring warranty service to return to normal functionality.


13 thoughts on “Surface Hub – How to reset back to factory

  1. This process fails to work on our Surface Hub. After starting and waiting for the “Welcome” screen, we can power cycle it and a “Recovery” screen appears on the very next go-around; however, there are three options on this screen:

    Press “Enter” to retry.
    Press “F8” for Startup Options
    Press ESC for EUFI Settings

    Pressing ANY of these keys results in the Surface Hub booting up to a session-ready screen, as if there are no issues whatsoever. For a $10K device, you’d think a simpler solution would be in place for a factory reset! UNBELIEVABLE!

  2. My surface will not come on at all i have unplugged it
    i have toggled the hard power switch and the keyboard power button

  3. I just did this and it worked for me. I shut it down – powered up until the “Please wait” black screen x 3. On the 4th restart, it came up to the advanced options screen.

  4. I hate this power off/on three times stuff from MS! There’s an easier way to enter the Windows Recovery Environment. Turn off power to the SH, hold down the shift key on the SH keyboard and power back on. Keep shift pressed until the RE screen appears. This is standard for any W10 PC and also works with SH.

    1. On a Surface Hub Rob? Good luck with that (tip for other readers, he’s confused with a Surface tablet, Power key and VolDown does not work on a hub….)

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