Removing a Microsoft Teams Guess Access User from a Team – Part 2


In my previous Post  I walked through removing a Guest Access User from a Team, what I also mentioned was the account is still active in Azure Active Directory (AD). I wanted to add the instructions for 2 options for managing the user in Azure AD.

  1. As a Global Administrator log into Azure AD
  2. From the left hand menu click Azure Active Directory
  3. Click Manage Users
  4. Find the User you want to Manage and click on their Name
  5. Here are the options you can chose from
    1. Option 1: Delete the user
      1. You can delete the User account object from Azure AD by clicking the Delete button
    2. Option 2: Block sign in
      1. Click on Profile from the left hand menu
      2. Settings -> Block sign in -> Select Yes
      3. Click Save

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