EDGE Server routing out wrong NIC

  Environment: Skype for Business Server Front-end server Edge server Issue: At a recent deployment of a Skype for Business Edge Server, the clients DMZ network only had a single subnet 192.168.10.X. So we have to add 2 Network Interface Cards (NICs) to the server however each of the NICs will be on the same […]

Edge Server binding to 169.254 address

  Environment: Skype for Business Server 2015 Front-end Server Edge Server Operating System Windows Server 2016 Issue: During a Skype for Business Edge deployment where we had the 2 Network Interface Cards (NICs) one for 1 Internal DMZ and 1 for the External DMZ, both NICs were provided IP Addresses on the appropriate network: External […]

Event ID 1046: File Transfer Agent cannot send replication data to Replica Replicator Agent on Edge

Environment: Skype for Business Server 2015 – On Premise Front-End Server Standard Edition Edge-Server Single Issue: In a recent deployment of Skype for Business server, we deployed our Skype for Business Standard Edition Front-End Server and have just finished deploying our Edge server  when the services started up we began seeing numerous errors in the […]

Error 1638 – Skype for Business In-Place Upgrade Edge Server

Environment: Lync Server 2013 -Front-end Standard Edition Lync Server 2013- Edge Issue: Skype for Business In-Place upgrade was being performed , the Front-end server was successfully upgraded. The edge server was upgraded to Skype for Business in the topology and received the replicated event. The Edge server SQL was upgraded to Service Pack 2, .Net […]