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In our deployments of Skype for Business Server 2015, we have setup our QoS GPO’s for Skype for Business Front-End Servers, Edge Servers and Skype for Business Clients. We just got these brand new Surface Hubs delivered and have setup and configured them for Skype for Business and Exchange and now we want to configure QoS setting for Skype for Business however there are no configurable settings on the Surface Hub to enable QoS.


After speaking to some folks the about Surface Hub QoS , based on configurable items on the SurFace Hub there is no way to tag the traffic ie via group policy etc the workaround is to put the Surface Hub network port in a VLAN that is enabled for QoS.

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  1. inband provisioning will allow you set static port ranges for audio/video,etc… Ask your network team to tag traffic on that port range as it leaves for the WAN. This is a no GPO solution that works well for skype/lync traffic.

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