How to run Surface Hub Account Verification Script


Exchange Server 2013 – On Premise

Skype for Business Server 2015 – On Premise

Surface Hub account created and enabled as a Skype for Business meeting room with Enterprise Voice and an Exchange Resource Mailbox as per the Technet Article


On Technet Surface Hub page there is an Account Verification script that you can run to validate the Surface Hub account created was done properly (


  1. Copy the script and save it as SHAccountVerification.ps1 to run in powershell and save it to a location where you have powershell installed.
  2. Ensure you have an Admin Account for Exchange and Skype for Business


  1. Open powershell and browse to the location where your script is saved, run SHAccountVerification.ps1. Once the script runs you will be prompted to enter Surface Hub and admin account information.
  2. Enter the email address you’ve assigned to the Surface Hub: , press Enter
  3. Enter the exchange server you will be validating against:, press Enter
    1. You are prompted to enter Exchange User Credentials
      (this message is a bit confusing since they are actually asking to enter Exchange Admin Credentials)

    2. Enter the Exchange
      Admin Credentials, Click OK
  4. Enter the Skype for Business pool this account is assigned to:
    1. You are prompted to enter Skype for Business Admin Credentials, enter the credentials click OK

  5. The script will now run and will inform you if you have passed, or have warnings, errors in your configuration

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