We can’t connect to the server for presenting right now


Microsoft has released a KB Article about this issue located here.


Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System

  • Lync Server 2013 Front-End Enterprise Edition Pool with December 2015 Cumulative Update
  • Lync Server 2013 Edge Pool with December 2015 Cumulative Update

Windows 7

  • Skype for Business Client UI


Lync 2013 Servers were patched with MS updates and rebooted. Once the servers came up and users tried to share powerpoint, whiteboard, poll , Q&A they received the below error:

We can’t connect to the server for presenting right now

KB3142033-Error2 KB3142033-Error1


After a PS call, it was found that .NET 4.5.2 KB3142030  was the cause of the issue, there are 2 options to rectify the issue:

  1. Uninstall the KB3142030 from your Front-end Servers , then reboot all servers (this is what we did and worked 🙂 ) 

The other option is to modify the registry, please backup the registry before editing and/or contact your IT Administration staff.

  1. We need to modify the registry to Disable SCH_SEND_AUX_RECORD, for the Lync Server Web Conferencing Server on the Front-End Servers.
  2. Add the following registry subkey:
  3. Create a new DWORD, where the name is the Fully qualified path for the application .exe ie.(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Conferencing\DataMCUSvc.exe)
    Value data: 0KB3142033-WebConProperties
  4. Repeat the above steps for all other services, however, what is required for this issue is just the Web Conferencing service.
  5. Reboot the Front-end Servers.


21 thoughts on “We can’t connect to the server for presenting right now

  1. Hey Hab,
    with “Front-end Servers”, you’re talking only about Standard/Enterprise Pool Members? No SBAs, Persistent Chats,…

  2. For Server 2008 R2 I believe the patch to be removed would be KB3142033, the patch listed in this post is for Server 2012 R2 – they both resolve the same issue, just on different server releases – 3155464 MS16-065: Description of the TLS/SSL protocol information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2016-0149): May 10, 2016

  3. Uninstalling worked. The Work around with the RegKey hack did not work, even after a reboot. Way to go MS .NET team and the S4B team for not testing this patch before it was released.

  4. Wow, Uninstalling this on both my FE servers resolved the Issue.
    Unbelievable – I had to recreate my OWA server despite not getting any error messages hitting the FE server nor OWA as to what the problem might be. After all these years you’d think that someone would triple check and make sure that people like me who arent guru wont panic and think that a PORT wasnt opened or something else was the problem.

  5. I just patched few days ago and I get the same issue. we run Lync 2010, with Skype client.
    Searched for this patch and is not installed. Not sure what to do

  6. Great Thanks man it been a month i am looking for the root cause… checking ports reinstall Web Components .. nothing worked. Just uninstalled this KB3142030 and it worked Like a Charm 🙂 .Thanks once again…

  7. Removal of KB3142036 also worked for me, didn’t have KB3142030 installed in our environment.

    Many thanks!

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