Office WebApps Server fails to render powerpoint in Skype for Business

In a Skype for Business deployment I  setup and configured an Office WebApps Server 2013 w/Sp1 following the Microsoft Technet Article on a Windows Server 2012 R2.

Once the Office WebApps Server was deployed, I was able to browse to and the xml file was displayed on the Skype for Business server and client PC.

Then I added the Office WebApps Server into the Skype for Business topology and assigned it to the Front-end pool, published the topology and then waited to see the DataMCU event log entry to display that it found the WebApps URLs and that powerpoint sharing is now enabled.

Now it was time to test I fired up a Skype for Business client and joined a “Meet now” meeting and then uploaded a powerpoint , the powerpoint was uploaded and was available for other users to download however it would not render the powerpoint and gave this error:

Either you’ve lost network connectivity or our server is too busy to handle your request. Please check your network connection and try again later.


Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Removed and recreated the Office WebApps Farm
  • Used Fiddler to watch the https traffic
  • Copied the URL’s from fiddler directly and tried to browse directly to the WebApps Server to render the powerpoint (but failed)
  • Created a share on the desktop of the WebApps Server and gave everyone full control, SFB server full control (share permissions) I then copied a pptx, docx, xlsx file in share.
  • Then use the url to browse the share to create a link and then browse to the link to see if you get the file to load in webapps
  • Reviewed the ULS logs on the WebApps Server and found this error:
    • w3wp.exe (0x0D70) 0x075C Office Web Apps Office Viewing Architecture al1c3 Medium AsyncResult::SetCompleted – Completed with unthrown exception Microsoft.Office.Server.Powerpoint.Pipe.Interface.PipeApplicationException: Exception of type ‘Microsoft.Office.Server.Powerpoint.Pipe.Interface.PipeApplicationException’ was thrown.

After troubleshooting and deploying another WebApps server to see if that would fix the problem (which it didn’t) what finally fixed it was:

  • Log onto your WebApps Server
  • Stop office Web Apps Service
  • If you have UAC turned on it will prompt you to click yesterday to be able to access the below
    • Browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\d , then delete all the contents of this directory
    • Browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\waccache\LocalCacheStore\NT AUTHORITY_NETWORK SERVICE, then delete the contents of this directory
  • Reboot office web apps server
  • Join a “MeetiNow” meeting and upload a powerpoint into the meeting to test and should now render.

If the above doesn’t work try:

  • Browse to <drive:\>Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps\PPTConversionService\Settings_Service.ini’
  • add the following line
    • UseGDIPlus=(System.Boolean)true
  • Then restart IIS on Office WebApps Server & Skype for Business Web Conferencing Service (datacollab) on Front-End server
  • Join a “MeetiNow” meeting and upload a powerpoint into the meeting test and should now render.

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