Creating Normalization Rules from CSV file

Environment: Avaya CS1000E <—> Avaya Session Manager <—> Lync Server 2013

I wanted to create a normalization rule that has a few different ways for the DID number and or Extension to be dialed and normalize the number to the users 4 digit extension which would send the call to the Avaya Session Manager and then to the Avaya CS 1000E where the user is configured to ring their Avaya hardphone and fork back to Lync Server 2013

I found a script here that is for enabling users from a CSV file, I made some modifications to it where it reads the name, telephoneNumber, Number and Extension, and Extension number.

The new script is located here CreateNormalizationRulesfromCSV where it reads the appropriate fields from the CSV file and essentially creates the below single line script and runs it, to run it save the file as a .ps1.

New-CsVoiceNormalizationRule -Parent Ottawa-Dialplan -Name ‘Mankal, Habib Normalization Rule’ -Pattern ‘(\+16135551234;ext=1234)|(1234)|(6135551234)|(\+6135551234)|(\+16135551234)|(16135551234)’ -Translation ‘1234’ -Priority 2

Here is an example CSV file with the appropriate field names and numbers CreateNormalizationRuleExampleCSVFile


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