Teams Mobile Update – 1.0.32


The Teams mobile app has been updated this week with a few new features , that are included in the desktop client. The most noticiable ones are:

  • Create teams and add members on mobile
  • Voicemail is now available on mobile
  • Share chat history with new participant in group chat
  • Mute Chat to reduce some of the noise

These enhancements on the mobile device are made available by Microsoft agile approach to development and decoupling the client from the backend services so that it is able to communicate directly with all Office 365 services workloads.

Below are the instructions on how to Add a new Team on a mobile device:

  1. On the Home screen Teams, you can either tap the settings icon or See all teams.

2. Tap the + in the upper right-hand corner to add a new Team.

3.  Ok here is where we are going to provide a meaningful name and description for your Team

4. Now you need to select the Privacy of your Team, whether this team is going to be Private or Public. However, one thing to note is that coming in March 2018 the Private Team will now be searchable so other users can see it and request to be added. As opposed to the current state where the Team is hidden and only available when you are invited.

5. Once you are pleased with all your configurations tap Done to continue to the next screen.

6. Now you can begin adding the members to your Team, the search shows 2 options (Suggestions, Suggestions from your online directory). Tap the member and search for another and when you’re finished tap Done. Once you tap Done then your Team and all the backend services start getting provisioned (Office 365 Groups, Sharepoint Team Site)

7. The Team is created so we can now tap on the General Channel, or tap the + to add additional Channels.

8. Your process is complete, now you can start posting in your Teams on Mobile.



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