Windows 10 upgrade network connections folder empty

I recently upgraded one of my PC’s to windows 10 from windows 8 everything went smooth except I had no network connections in control panel the folder was empty and the drivers were installed and working fine in device manager.

Here is what i had to to get it working:

  1. Open the Registry Editor by Clicking Start -> Type: Regedit , press enter. Once the registry editor was open I browsed to the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3}
  2. Right Clicked and Deleted the Key
  3. Closed the Registry Editor
  4. Open the Command prompt as administrator by Clicking Start -> Type: Cmd, right click and select Run As Administrator
  5. Copy and Paste: netcfg -v -u dni_dne , press enter
  6. Close the command prompt
  7. Open your network connections again and the network connections should now be available.


12 thoughts on “Windows 10 upgrade network connections folder empty

  1. Guys after over 6 installation of Windows 10 UPGRADE FROM 8.1, I never get to see network adapter and each time I had to roll back to 8.1…After reading your above article and solution to this Network Adapter goes missing situation, I tried one last time and this time it did worked..Bravo Thanks man your article helped me lot…I wish many more people out there like me suffering may get this worthy to try….GodBless All..

  2. you are awesome, I have tried everything allmost everything on internet and youtube spend hours and hours and finally decided to roll back. last attempt i tried yours, please include final step RESTART system. Network adapters back available only after restart the system.

  3. There is no such key in my registry and dni_dne is not installed. Still, i am unable to view anything in my network

  4. A lot of websites said to re-install Windows. I did an upgrade on my MS Surface and had Sonic Wall installed before doing the upgrade. This most likely caused my issue. Your suggestion fixed my empty netowrks.

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