Automatic collection of configuration data failed



Skype for Business Server 2015 – On Premise

Windows Server 2012


During the installation of a Skype for Business Server 2015 on a Windows 2012 Server, we receive the error on “Automatic collection of configuration data failed” Step 1: Install Local Configuration Store.


I was able to ping the server by IP address but when I tried to check DNS using nslookup it said

  • DC Server: Unknown
  • Address: an IPV6 address
  • Couldn’t resolve the server name and : Non-existent domain.

So I went to the NIC on the Skype for Business Server, and removed the IPV6 binding. 

Now when I re-run the nslookup the command returns all the proper information, so then I proceeded to run Step1 again and it completed successfully.



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